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Quality tea production

from India

We serve best quality of tea consistently throughout the year to one and all.

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Tea As It Should be


We believe tea is endlessly engaging, brings people together, provides a sense of peace and well-being, and grants a moment to yourself when you most need it.

  • Highest quality
    Highest quality
    Every cup with our promise of great quality.
  • Pure taste
    Pure taste
    Taste to bring warmth and cheer in your family.
  • Wide assortment
    Wide assortment
    Wide range of different and unique types of tea.
  • Eco package
    Eco package
    We have eco-friendly food packaging products.
  • 100% Natural
    100% Natural
    Refreshing taste with no added artificial colors.
  • Natural Care
    Natural Care
    Enhance immunity and help you fall ill less often.

Vardhaman Group


Vardhman Group Office

We are a diverse group of brands.. but united by love for tea and believe in serving varieties under one roof. “Vardhaman Group of India“ has today emerged as a concept that has attained a great height of success and has become a respected name in Tea market.



Mr. Vardhaman Bamb

Look back with pride. Look forward with anticipation.

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world.

Tea has a complex positive effect on the body. Daily use of a cup of tea is good for your health.

  • Improves brain function
    Improves brain function
  • Disinfects harmful substances
    Disinfects harmful substances
  • Promotes weight loss
    Promotes weight loss
  • Prolongs life
    Prolongs life
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Enjoy India’s finest tea selection. Buy 100% fresh, delicious and natural herbs direct from the source at lowest price with wide range of  tea varieties.


Vardhaman Group

A House Of Perfect Tea Fusion

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Vardhaman Group Of India, diverse group of brands, united by love for tea. We are on a mission to serve all the possible varieties of tea, from all over the world, under one roof.


Cups Served Everyday

While happy customers are invaluable, businesses should always uphold their interests and vision, this always helped us to learn something or improve upon.

We’re always looking to connect with those who share an interest in a sustainable future.

+91 91122 30606

+91 91122 30606


What our buyers says


Rohit Jaiswar
Chaha House

One of the Best tea shop for Tea & Tea power I always visit to their tea store.  Dum is really have very good at taste. I have notice that they have couple variety for tea i.e. Dum tea , Masala tea , Green tea , white tea ,sugar free tea even they have Kashmiri kahwa as well .  In Chaha house you can have some sacks item as well I will highly recommend for “Chaha House”

Akshay Chopade
Tea Kettly

Good place for hang out with friends. Chai tastes good and have variety of tea to chikane from. Ginger tea is best. Green tea, coffee, masala chai and many more options. They have wide range of tea variety from many places.

Mangesh Kulkarni
Chaha House

Coffee and people were nice ... Treatment was good.

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