Vardhaman Tea Trading was established in 2013 to strengthen the tea trade business in India. Mr. Vardhaman Bamb, Director of Vardhaman Group of India based on his interest and management skills towards tea world established this company which is organically grown brand where the research and development unit analyze, taste and create blends to assure quality and taste.

Vardhaman tea trading company combines warehousing, blending, packaging and providing the most complete and convenient solutions for tea traders who want to stock .Our tea blends set us apart from our competitors and we aim to introduce new wave of tea drinking culture.

The tea powder we produce is also supplied to different amruttulya with special blends,restaurants, and shopping marts where we ensure to give good taste and quality to tea lovers.We aim to provide online services very soon so that we spread our best quality and blends to tea lovers across the country.

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