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By evening tea time, the stomach starts rumbling slightly after around 2 hours of lunch and over 3 to 4 hours left for dinner. Combine it with the work stress and mid-day exhaustion, consumers crave something substantial along with a refreshing cup of tea by evening. It has grown into the chai and nashta culture in India. Every person has their favorite variant of tea. It is a proven fact that tea-time is munch time. Some prefer to consume biscuits or cake with their afternoon tea. But, there is no second opinion on the fact that Indian snacks are the best tea-time munch as nothing beats a good, hot, samosa with masala chai!


Samosa is one of the most loved snacks in India and complements perfectly with chai. It is also the most popular snack served when a potential groom’s family visits a prospective bride for formal introductions. It is generally made with boiled potatoes and spices inside a hard triangle-shaped shell, but some variants include dry fruits and heavy spices as well.

Sabudana Vada:

Sabudana vada is made of potatoes, peanuts, and tapioca pearls, making the fried delicacy a very tasty and popular choice. It goes well with tea and tastes delicious when the crispy snack is served hot straight from the fryer.

Club Sandwich:

The mouth-watering club sandwich consists of chopped tomatoes, onions, potatoes, and other spices that complement perfectly with a steaming hot cup of tea.


Although the British savor their version of biscuit to enjoy with their afternoon tea, we have our very own desi cookie, Nankhatai. It makes for a great and tasty family treat too!

Sweet and Salty Bun Maska:

Sweet and salty bun maska is a sweet, fluffy bread that is dunked into the evening tea for the best experience.

Masala Toast:

As famous street food, Masala toast is here to make the evening tea taste better. It goes very well with Indian chai as a crunchy and tasty snack.

Vada Pav:

Lastly, the famous Vada pav is spiced, mashed potato balls that are deep-fried after coating in gram flour. It is sandwiched between fluffy pav bread, filled with green and red chutney. Also termed as the common man’s burger in Mumbai, Vada Pav is the evergreen, tasty, and pocket-friendly snack to munch while working or traveling. It pairs excellently with masala cutting chai after a chaotic day.


Tea time snacks are the time of the day when you take a break from continuous work and interact with your family and friends or just daydream about your future. Therefore, people enjoy some freshly cooked snacks with their evening tea because they savor the taste and feel relaxed at that moment of the day.

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