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Chai or tea is without a doubt one of the most popular and widely consumed beverages all over the world, especially in India. With its aromatic taste, tea is capable of refreshing and energizing after a hectic day. Tea is an essential beverage, consumed to turn a dull and stressful day into a relaxing one. In almost every Indian household, tea is preferred to be consumed first thing in the morning as they like to begin their day with a hot, steamy, and flavourful cup of tea. While some prefer to drink herbal or green tea, others enjoy drinking iced tea or Iced Tea. Iced tea is a beverage brewed from tea leaves, cooled over ice, and served chilled. It can be infused with spices like ginger, tulsi, or mint and is also served with sugar.

The Origin and History of Iced Tea:

The colonists had been growing tea in America since the 1600s, starting in South Carolina and spreading across the South. The recipe for Iced Tea was first published in the U.S. and appeared in The Buckeye Cookbook in 1876 and Housekeeping in Old Virginia in 1877. Earlier in 1839, a recipe for a mixed beverage consisting of alcohol called tea punch was circulated. Within the next couple of decades, the popularity of the drink started to increase. During that period, most recipes mentioned for the tea were to be brewed hot and chilled later on. The instructions included lemon, sugar, and ice to be added to black tea. Although the origin of sweet tea is traced to southern traditions, early accounts claim it to be as far north as Boston, although it probably grew in popularity in the south due to the scorching heat.

The drink truly gained accolades at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, where the Commissioner of Tea for India Richard Blechynden and one of the fair’s directors were exhibiting hot black tea. The temperatures were too high, and the visitors were thirsty. As a result, hot tea would surely fail to sell, and Blechynden had to improvise. Therefore, he brewed and chilled the tea, which became an instant hit! Restaurants immediately began to follow the trend that became a preferred beverage, and by World War I, households started consuming it. At present, iced tea from the bottle to the box is a significant part of the American beverage culture. Today, we see different kinds of variations in Iced Tea.

The market for Iced Tea is increasing rapidly in India because of its youth consumers. It is a preferable alternative to carbonated water and is the preference of the young crowd. Instant iced tea is gaining significant popularity in India and is available at most restaurants, hotels, and malls. The most famous ones are Ginger Lemon Iced tea, commonly known as Lemon Iced Tea and peach iced tea.

Benefits of Iced Tea:

  • Hydration:

Iced tea, also termed Ice Tea, is an excellent source of hydration compared to the conventional Hot Tea or Chai. According to studies at Harvard Public School of Health, Iced tea is the second-best hydration source after water as it includes more antioxidants and flavonoids, as compared to others.

  • A Good Stress-buster:

It is observed that people usually prefer to consume tea in stressful situations. According to the research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Tea has unique properties that help in reducing anxiety and bringing down stress levels to a significant extent.

  • A Better Alternative to Soda:

Excess consumption of soda is known to increase belly fat significantly. For a consumer looking for a healthy alternative to soda or other carbonated beverages, Iced Tea is the perfect pick. A glass of iced tea is sufficient to not feel hungry for a long time.

  • Increases Alertness:

For consumers looking for a healthy alternative to coffee, iced tea is the best beverage as it consists of less caffeine, as compared to coffee. Iced tea keeps consumers active without infusing the body with caffeine. It is an ideal beverage before meetings or while traveling alone for long journeys as it helps the consumers stay alert and awake.

Iced Tea At Present:

Presently, iced tea is available in many variations. It comes in sweet flavor, primarily in the southern states, and served black in other states. Iced tea is now sold in bottles in supermarkets and stores as one of the most popular beverage variations. It can be found in different variations on every continent. From spiked punch to healthy drink alternative, iced tea has reached a great distance in its relatively short history.

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