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We Indians love our tea. Waking up in the morning is synonymous with a hot cup of tea. While evenings are set aside for a post work cup that helps you to relax and feel refreshed. Undoubtedly, you’ll run into days when you wake up, or come home from work, and find that you’ve run out of tea. What happens then? You have a moment of wishing for an endless supply before you drag yourself to the nearest store. But what if you could get that endless supply, that too right at your doorstep?
Vardhman Tea is here to make that wish come true. A simple subscription of your favourite blend of tea not only ensures convenience, but has other benefits too.

Great Value
Your tea subscription reduces the cost of each cup of tea you drink. We offer a great price-off on the retail value of your favourite blends and further markdowns on size upgrades. So, the more you drink, the less you pay!

More Variety
A trip to your local convenience store can only offer you the usual marketed brands and tea bags which do not give you an enriching tea drinking experience. At Vardhman Tea, you can subscribe to your favourite blends of long leafed premium teas and explore a much wider range.

Easy to Order
Save yourself the time and money involved in driving or walking down to the store. You can just log on to our website and choose what you want delivered to you. You can customize your orders according to your needs, and subscribe for a time period that suits you. Choose from 3-, 6- and 12-month subscription plans.

Freshness Guaranteed
You can never know how long those packs of tea have been sitting on the shelves at your local grocer’s. We, however, guarantee that the freshest whole leaves, hand-picked by our experts will be delivered to you on a consistent basis. This will not only ensure the optimum taste and aroma, but allows you to extract the maximum health benefits from every cup of tea you drink.

Consistent Delivery at Your Doorstep

You may forget to pick up your tea at the store, or might not feel that the available options make the cut. With a simple subscription plan, we make sure that you get your fix as frequently as you desire, conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

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