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Tea companies in India and tea brands in India earlier preferred selling the traditional, good-old masala tea powder. As the appreciation for Indian tea increased over the world, Indian consumers too started embracing new tea varieties and flavors. Several tea variations, such as green tea, jasmine tea, rose tea, hibiscus tea, and herbal tea blends have been liked by tea connoisseurs. Among these variations, one of the unique flavors of tea is chocolate tea. Yes, you read that right! So if you are looking for some chocolate to keep you cheerful, a chocolate tea might be the perfect thing. The naturally sweet tea comes with far fewer calories than real chocolate and can be a guilt-free way to enjoy a little something special.

Chocolate is produced from two products derived from the seeds of the cacao tree; that is cocoa mass (cocoa solids) and cocoa butter. 


The History of Drinking Chocolate:

The first civilization that started sipping chocolate was the Mayan civilization. Gradually, Europe started consuming it after the Spanish conquerors visited the American continent in the 16th century. From there, the health and nutrition benefits of chocolate gained popularity across the globe. Chocolate became one of the favorite ingredients in the food and beverages sector. Inspired by it, global companies, including tea brands in India, introduced chocolate tea which became an immense hit among tea-lovers.

Chocolate consists of impactful antioxidants known as polyphenols. It is the healthy micronutrients included in wine, berries, and grapes. Additionally, it also includes a large amount of catechins and epicatechins, which are the beneficial micronutrients found in green tea.

When people term a beverage as chocolate tea, they are usually referring to tea that has chocolate, cacoa nibs, or cocoa powder included in it for a rich, chocolate flavor. Chocolate teas can be produced with authentic teas from the camellia sinensis plant, as well as added to herbal teas like rooibos or mate. If you are craving something sweet and delicious to energize you in the morning or as you relax yourself at the end of the day, chocolate teas are the solution with their rich and soothing taste.

Health Benefits of Chocolate Tea:

Chocolate teas that are made with cacao and chocolate have multiple health benefits such as,

  • Reduces Body Mass Index (BMI):

It is a tremendously discussed topic of how chocolate reduces the BMI, i.e., the measurements in terms of height and weight of a human body. According to a study in the USA including 1000 participants, it was observed that people who consumed a higher chocolate intake could reduce their BMI. It is also important to note that there was no influence of exercise or any diet on these results.

  • Keeps the Heart Healthy:

Various studies have found that the flavonoids in chocolate tea help with the arteries and veins to stay healthy. There were seven studies that included more than 100,000 participants who were asked to consume chocolate for a determined period. The study proved that the participants reduced their risk of heart attack by 37%, whereas the chances of stroke were also reduced to 29%.

  • Reduces Risk of Cancer:

The flavanols included in the chocolate have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties that prevent free radicals. It helps to invade cells and reduce cancer risk.

  • Improves Vision:

A research study was particularly interested in determining if the flavanols in chocolate could enhance vision. For the stated purpose, they conducted a small experiment and concurred that chocolate does improve vision.

  • Reduces Blood Pressure:

It was observed that the people living in Central America had lower blood pressure than people residing in other continents. Research proves that the change was due to their consumption of chocolate. Chocolate consists of flavanols that significantly improve nitric oxide levels in the blood and enhances the function of the blood vessels, reducing blood pressure risks.

  • Assists with Diabetes:

It has been long believed that chocolate tea might prove to be harmful to diabetics. However, as per a research study, the proper amount of chocolate flavonoids can help in improving insulin function in the human body and enhance metabolism. Therefore, diabetics do not always have to avoid chocolate tea, although it is better to get confirmation from doctors according to health.


Chocolate is favored by the world for many years, and still remains a favorite part of modern cuisine for both its taste and health benefits. Vardhaman Group of India is one of the leading tea companies in India. We offer a wide range of tea flavors including our Chocolate tea that assures the authentic taste and aroma of chocolate.

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