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India is a country with an excessive fondness for tea. Tea companies in India believe that the older generation and the younger generation both enjoy a warm and refreshing cup of tea. However, the younger consumers are welcoming the concept of tea cafes rather than roadside vendors. The concept is actually proving to be a lucrative business opportunity for tea manufacturers, resulting in various tea franchises in India. One of the main reasons for the preference for tea cafes is that previously people enjoyed consuming tea while chatting with the local chaiwala, but the millenials relish the opportunity for a private and comfortable setting for meeting with friends over a cup of tea.

Tea being a higher consumed beverage compared to coffee, tea cafes have significantly grown in outlets over the last 15 years. Tea companies in India state that on average, an Indian consumes around 2 to 3 of tea daily, making it a profitable business with cafes. Various tea cafes are also renowned to offer customers the alternative to customize their tea and choose from an extensive range of herbal, fruit, and premium blends.

Although tea plays an important role, especially in Indian consumers’ taste, the idea of tea cafes was not in vogue as those for coffee. Previously, tea has always been available on the roadsides and railway stations, and not in cafes. On the other hand, coffee was rare and a delicacy that resultantly made its place in the elite groups. Additionally, the swank and glamor of international coffee chains that entered India were also responsible to a great extent for making coffee a style and status statement. These stylish and shiny coffee parlors gradually established their way into posh upmarket localities, and rapidly, turned into trendy and fashionable meeting places for young consumers and college-goers.

However, the trend is changing with tea outlets like Chaha House and Tea Ketly that serve premium tea experiences through high-quality teas in an extensive range of flavors and blends. Apart from India’s premium and much-loved Darjeeling tea and Assam tea with a strong fan following across the world, variants like the ‘masala chai’, rose tea, green tea, Kashmiri kahwa, etc. are establishing their place on the menu of several outlets of tea franchises in India.

It also adds to the advantages of tea cafes that tea is relatively cheaper than coffee and gives the benefit of affordability to both customers and owners. Additionally, with the multiple options in tea, the several health benefits associated with each type are getting the recognition that makes consumers more aware and knowledgeable about teas. Therefore, customers can experiment with their tastes in different types of teas in the tea cafes. With the consistent growth of the tea cafes market, social media and digital marketing has helped them to gain a significant customer base. The popularity of tea cafes in India has seemed to encourage young entrepreneurs to raise capital for their ambitions in a country that is obsessed with their chai.

The tea cafes bring a relaxed ambiance with comfy seats, internet, and delicious foods to the customers. It is a place to hang out for both the younger generation and professionals alike. The tea cafe has the right amount of sophistication with flavorful fresh garden teas at a reasonable price. Customers now enjoy the opportunity to choose a variety of beverages according to their taste. The contemporary setup incites many customers in the country as well as overseas and therefore, the trend of tea cafes has gradually gained popularity.

The rising income of the population, growing aspirations, and rising demand for better consumer experiences are some of the primary contributors to successful exotic tea lounges in the country’s metro cities. Being set up as relaxing hangout zones for the young audience. As the people preferring the chai cafes and tea lounges from home-brewed teas increase steadily, the market is gaining success widely, driving significant growth in the number of tea cafe launches in the world’s biggest tea-loving nation. Therefore, tea lovers now prefer to spend their time at a tea cafe that understands their love for tea and offers an inviting atmosphere for relaxation and conversations.

Tea Cafe and Outlets From Vardhaman Group Of India:

Vardhaman Group Of India is one of the leading tea manufacturers in India, serving authentic and flavored tea from various tea gardens in the nation. We provide various tea blends at our several outlets of Chaha House and Tea Kettly. Being one of the leading tea franchises in India, we deliver our flavored and tasty tea on online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

For more details on our products, visit www.vardhaman.group

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